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The more rapid development of information technology has an impact on the public’s need to receive fast and accurate news without cornering any party.

Once news is released in cyberspace, it is hoped that the public’s imagination will no longer focus on who is the owner, related people, and the people behind the mass media, but to see how urgent the information is on the air.

The mass media, as a representation of the face of a country, are required to be smart in presenting news which is well-spoken, polite, does not contain provocative tones, does not conflict with journalistic principles, and certainly does not disturb religious norms and customs apply in society.

On that basis, Mixturie News is here to enrich information sources for the public in determining what news they want to consume.

With the tagline “Opening Indonesia’s and the World Insights”, Mixturie News is expected to be able to quell thirst for objective news that has been very minimal and has plagued the public, especially when there are signs of the emergence of right and left media.

Apart from publishing the latest news, Mixturie News also contains light articles such as humanics, novels and short stories, which will always be updated within a week. With these rubrics it is intended that readers do not feel bored and bored after reading the latest information.

Mixturie News believes that well-submitted reports, but not forgetting the speed and accuracy of the data, are a source of information that the Indonesian people, especially decision makers and controllers, deserve to obtain.

Mixturie News stands above and for all groups, as well as non-partisans. Mixturie News does not work for any political interests, and is funded independently.

If you have any posts and want to be published in Mixturie News, please send them to the email listed on this website.

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Jakarta, 10 November 2019