Tone Your Abs & Core At Home This Year With These Gliding Sliders For Under $20

The new year is right around the corner & to help you get in shape, these ab gliders are currently on sale for less than $20!

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Working out from home has become the new normal and with the new year approaching, why not get your home gym organized. Luckily, the AmazonBasics Double Sided Core Exercise Gliding Sliders are currently on sale for just $15.57. The gliders come in a pair of small disc-shaped sliders that are great for all different ab exercises and the best part is, you can use them on the floor or the carpet.

Get the AmazonBasics Double Sided Core Exercise Gliding Sliders here for $15.57.

The sliders are double-sided and give you a smooth glide on a variety of different surfaces. One side is padded with foam for hard floors and the other side is solid so it can slip onto rugs or carpets. The paddles measure 7 by 7 by 0.5 inches and they’re super small, compact, and lightweight which makes it easy to store away when you’re done working out.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to the gliders because there are so many different exercises you can do. From crunches to planks, pushups, and more – you will definitely get a great workout in with these sliders. There’s a reason why these sliders have over 200 positive reviews and it’s because people swear by them. One happy customer gushed, “One of the best products that have bought in regards of working out and surprisingly it’s synonymous to the more pricier items in its class would buy it again in a heartbeat.” Meanwhile, another user wrote, “I’m trying to get back in shape and it’s not easy! So I’m trying new things like new stretches, techniques, exercises, etc. Anything that’ll help me stay interested, motivated, and continuing to work hard by getting healthier! These gliders help you to move across the floor while doing exercises and stretches that engage your core. As you move you can feel different parts of your body and muscle groups engage. Feel the burn!”


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